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Land and Community Development
Our products are used as design tools for planning infrastructure in new land development and in communities of the developing world.

Design your drainage and sewerage system by placing manholes with ground elevations on your plan, then have HYDSYS or SANSYS subtract a minimum cover, calculate the lengths and grades and suggest pipe sizes for your consideration. Choose a size based on the calculated peak flow to suit your design criteria for a partially full pipe. With HYDSYS, ditches, ponds and water-courses can also be modeled. Design your water supply system by placing nodes and connecting pipes on your plan, use pipe selection-sets to easily change diameters on multiple pipes, and then have WATSYS calculate the pressures and flow effects. Color-code pipes on key plans to highlight areas with pressures outside of your desirable range.
With WATSYS for water supply and SANSYS for sewerage, use people's average daily water consumption along with zoning classifications and population densities to simulate average and peak flows. With HYDSYS for drainage, simulate extreme rainstorms falling on the model areas to determine peak flows before and after land development to gauge the effect of changing a natural landscape to a paved and impervious one.

These models enable cities and municipalities to plan for the future needs of their populations and help designers with land development and community improvement projects.
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