Though Expertware was founded in 1986, our software development began about a decade earlier as a part of a sewerage evaluation project for the City of Victoria, B.C. completed by engineering consulting company Ker, Priestman and Associates (KPA). In the early 1980s a second project for drainage evaluation was also commissioned by the City and so began the second product. To round out the trio, water supply analysis software was then developed. All of this software was tested, used and proven by KPA engineers and technologists on many client projects.
While working for KPA as their Manager of Computer Services, Andrew Laks was responsible for developing software and supporting staff in a wide variety of disciplines including structural and environmental engineering, road design, quantities estimating, mapping, survey reduction and plotting. At first, this all took place on a multi-user, multi-tasking DEC PDP11 mini-computer with five terminals, 512k of memory and 15 inch diameter, 5 megabyte removable hard disks. It quickly migrated to the new and rapidly evolving personal computer and the number of users within KPA multiplied to include more staff including draftsmen when AutoCAD became popular. Andrew found that, in order to manage the department and support the staff in their use of the software, he had to make the software simple enough to use so that support would be less demanding of his time.

In 1986, Andrew and KPA decided to start a new company, KPA CivilSystems Incorporated, which was given the task of packaging their proprietary software for sale and distribution. About a year later the name was changed to Expertware CivilSystems Corporation. Though Expertware created quite a number of structural engineering products for bridge modeling and design, seismic analysis and lifting bridge analysis, many structural engineering products were already being developed by others. There were fewer software products available for modeling water supply, sewerage and drainage systems and so these were chosen as our specialty.
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