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Disease Prevention in the Developing World
We take much for granted in the developed world. Turn on a faucet to drink some clean water. Wash your hands and watch the water disappear as it flows down the drain. Flush a toilet. We rarely think about how that clean water comes to our home or where it goes once we’ve used it. Think how many times in a day you have performed these simple tasks that are fundamentally important to our health and well-being.

Though the Roman Empire had remarkable water and wastewater infrastructure two millennia ago, it has only been within the last couple of centuries that we have recognized the value of their contributions and readopted and developed modern versions of their public systems. The prevalence of waterborne and other diseases in the developed world has virtually disappeared as a result. Building this infrastructure has been the single-most important method of preventing disease in our history.
In the developing world, infrastructure for water supply and wastewater disposal systems are still severely lacking. Many problems and diseases associated with poor water, sanitation and drainage, which have considerable public health significance, could be eliminated with this infrastructure. Expertware’s software for water resources and environmental engineering can specifically contribute to improving health in developing countries. Our software can be adapted to meet community needs in geographically and socially diverse areas.
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