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Our first software products (WATSYS, HYDSYS and SANSYS) were named and released in the same year for modeling all three of the water supply, storm drainage and sanitary sewerage infrastructure types. They have been developed together over a period of more than 30 years providing a continuity and similarity between each product. Environmental and water resources engineers and technologists using one product will easily learn and use our other products. This enables users to teach others in different disciplines within the same office, thereby minimizing learning time and increasing productivity.

Our fourth product, the CivilSystems Property Connector, was created to link our original three products using a common database to provide accountable loading data to each of the models. This enables accurate modeling for projects that are sensitive to changes.
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Humboldt Drainage Diversion Project, Victoria, B.C.
British Columbia Parliament Buildings in background
Expertware has assisted engineers in thoroughly documenting and understanding their current water supply, storm drainage and sanitary sewerage systems in order to evaluate, maintain and expand these vital underground utilities in a cost-effective manner. Our products are used as design tools for planning infrastructure in new land development, and in communities of the developing world.

Founded in 1986 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and solely owned and operated by Andrew Laks, Expertware focuses on the long-term sustainability of our software development and on creating user-interfaces that need minimal support. Our products are easy-to-use, sophisticated and proven. They are used for recording the current status and for predicting requirements of potable water and wastewater systems. They enable cities and municipalities to model and meet the future needs of their populations and help designers with land development and community improvement projects.