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“Over my 35 years working as an engineer and drawing on the experience of Expertware, I have established a long term working relationship with the company. Their software products offer quality, thorough and concise information while providing our employees with the right tools to do an excellent job.”


Bruce Kenning, P. Eng, Manager Municipal Department (2004-2011), Focus Corporation



“The Corporation of The District of Oak Bay has utilized several of the Expertware software titles including HYDSYS, SANSYS and WATSYS over the past 15-20 years. We have found these products to be a useful part of our municipal engineering ‘toolbox’ in designing and analyzing sanitary sewers, storm drains and water systems. The software is relatively easy to use with a short learning curve. Additionally the cost has been reasonable and the applications have a relatively small ‘footprint’ on the computer. We are currently using WATSYS to model our entire municipal water system.”


David Marshall B.Sc., A.Sc.T., Director of Engineering Services, District of Oak Bay, B.C.



“I have been a customer of Expertware since 1987 and have used their full suite of products and continue to use them today. I have found the software to be easy to use, especially for smaller systems and to be fully supported. I have never had a question that was not addressed to my satisfaction and in a timely manner.”


Wayne Manuel P. Eng., Manager Municipal Civil Department, SNC-Lavalin Inc. (BAE Newplan Group)



In the 16 years I have worked with Andrew Laks, I have been impressed with his ability to think of innovative ways to solve problems. He can analyze complex situations and think outside-the-box to suggest different directions for finding solutions to problems. His involvement in many City of Victoria projects has resulted in improved processes, greater efficiency and cost savings.”


Patrick O’Reilly P. Eng., Director of Engineering (1998-2007), City of Victoria, B.C